What is CCV?

CCV© SALES COMPETENCE COEFFICIENT© is a Sales Assessment Test created to identify the most successful salesperson that will have the greatest impact on your company.

How many users can I create?

There is no limit to the number of users that can be created.

Can I use it in different geographic locations?

To access the system, you only need a computer with internet access and your account access code.

How long does it take to get the results?

Preliminary results are available immediately.

Can the test only be interpreted by an expert?

No, it is possible for anyone to interpret the results, after a 30 minute training session.

What factors distinguish a successful salesperson from any other?

Extensive research conducted by VYA Consulting© has identified 6 essential competencies that differentiate salespeople based on performance.

When given the appropriate level of sales training, the following competencies greatly increase the probability of success in a sales position.

  • Energy
  • Initiative
  • Persuasiveness
  • Ego Strength
  • Achievement Motivation
  • Self-Confidence

The previous claims have been corroborated by multiple studies in which diverse factors were controlled, such as, management level, bonuses, working conditions, etc.

Has research been done on salespeople from different cultures?

The CCV Sales Test has been validated in salespeople around the world with excellent results. Validation studies were conducted in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Jordan, Indonesia, and India, among others.

How many times has the test been given?

More than 1 million CCV tests have been taken.

How was the CCV Sales test validated?

The CCV System is supported by predictive validation, which favors the use of the CCV validation data when comparing the results of the CCV Sales Test with the sales of the employees evaluated.

To date, more than 100 studies have been conducted analyzing the validation data in different companies worldwide, which, combined, demonstrate the high predictability of sales performance of successful salespeople using the CCV sales test.

The CCV Sales Test has demonstrated a high predictive capacity of sales performance in a variety of sales profiles: retail, financial product and service sales, insurance sales, call center sales, and telecom sales, among others

What is the margin of error of the CCV?

Statistically, the CCV sales test has been estimated to have a 10% average margin of error.

Can I evaluate my sales force?

Yes. You can conduct quick and accurate diagnostics and for your sales force, allowing you to organize appropriate training and development actions.

Which skills does the CCV evaluate?

The CCV Sales Force Selection and Development test is based on the following skills:

  • Energy
  • Initiative
  • Persuasiveness
  • Ego Strength
  • Achievement Motivation
  • Self-Confidence

What differentiates the CCV Sales Force Selection and Development Test from the other sales tests?

The main difference between the CCV Sales Test and other tests used to evaluate personnel is the CCV’s ability to PREDICT sales results. This means that by applying this system, it is possible to predict which candidates will achieve the highest sales volumes.

Are there any other factors that differentiate the CCV sales test from its competitors:

  • The system is user-friendly
  • Reports are easy to interpret
  • It was created specifically for HR use
  • It is valid worldwide
  • No experts are needed to administer the test or interpret the results obtained
  • It allows companies to evaluate distinct types of salespeople

Is the CCV sales test available in other languages?

The CCV assessment test is available in multiple languages. Please contact us for requests so that we work with you regarding your specific requirements.

How is the information provided protected and kept private?

The processing platform consists of various levels of security which allow for complete confidentiality of all information provided, conforming to our strict standards of data protection which impede any misuse of data.

Does the CCV Sales Test discriminate based on culture, race, or age?

Development studies have shown that the results of the CCV sales testare in no way affected by differences in culture, gender, race, or age.

In other words, the CCV sales performance assessment testis compliant with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination regulations.

Are there any invasive questions on the test?

No. The CCV sales test does not contain any questions that may be considered invasive.